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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cupcake Face and Stud Muffin

Fall is my favorite season, and falls in Michigan are especially beautiful.  My associate, Mary, and I had a very busy weekend with the opportunity to photograph two families and a high school senior.  

We have had the opportunity to photograph Jon, Sarah, and their family for over a year now and have photographed Lilly from birth (slightly before) to her first birthday.  This weekend we took fall photographs of Jon and Sarah's family and celebrated Lilly's first birthday afterwards.

Our day started out early in the morning.  Sarah told me about a beautiful bridge over Carrier Creek in Delta Township.  The bridge is part of a new walking trail which has just been constructed.  The morning was cool and crisp, a typical fall morning.

Lilly is a typical one year old,  is constantly in the process of discovering her surroundings,  and has a very inquisitive mind.  It was fun to see her walking and enjoying the beautiful fall morning.  Lilly is a very confident young lady!

Fortunately, Lilly was not shy with us, but she can be shy with strangers.  Here Lilly is "hiding" from a couple of joggers who passed by during our photo session.  Too cute!