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Monday, July 18, 2011

Photo Booth Pics!

Sunday was one of the hottest days this summer, and very busy for us.  Not only did we photograph a beautiful couples wedding day, but we also did a photo booth for them.  We arrived at the time the bridal party arrived, and spent the whole day documenting their special day.   We took pictures of the bridal party preparing, the wedding ceremony, and after ceremony formal shots, as well as the reception.  During the formal photo session my associate, Mary, set up a photo booth to take pictures of the guests while they where waiting for the bride,  groom and the wedding party to arrive at the reception.

Not only did Mary take the photos, but she also had the photos ready to be presented during the reception in a slide show.  The slide show was a big hit.  Here are some samples of the photo booth photos.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sweet William

Here is my favorite photo from a shoot I did yesterday.  William had the most amazing (and I mean AMAZING) blue eyes.  William is my nephew's son.  Not that I am in anyway biased, but I think they are a beautiful family, inside and out.

What amazed me most about this family was the way that they interacted with one another.  It was a pleasure photographing a family that truly loves each other.  

It was my pleasure to photograph Analise, Doug, and William.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wedding Shoes!

When photographing a wedding, I like to focus on some of the details that are easy to overlook.  At an upcoming wedding that I'm going to be photographing, the bride asked me to be sure to take some photos of her shoes (she loves the shoes).  Rather than take the photos at the wedding, I asked the bride to let me use the shoes in advance of the wedding.  Taking the photos in advance allows me to take the "must have" photo in advance of all of the activity of the wedding day.  I used some backgrounds that are really colorful and accentuate her shoes.  It's always important to pay attention to the details.  I love the way the photos turned out.