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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bubbles, Bands, and Beer ...

I attended several graduation open houses over the weekend.  By far my favorite open house was for a graduate that I didn't know.

Several weeks ago I received an e-mail from someone with a very uncommon last name.  What was unusual about the last name is that it was the name of my first next door neighbors when I was growing up.  I responded to the e-mail and asked "are you in any way related to ....?"  She responded back that she was in fact married to one of my former next door neighbors.  Keep in mind that I hadn't seen or corresponded with these neighbors since leaving the area.  Lexa told me that she was having an open house for her daughter and that all of the family that I knew as a child would be attending the open house.  Lexa graciously invited me to attend gave me the opportunity to reminisce with the family in person.

It was great re-living childhood memories and catching up with everyone.  I immediately recognized Joey and Phyllis, Donna, Franny, Ruth, and Tommy.  What really impressed me about this family is that they are truly family.  With so many dysfunctional families, it was great to see a family who truly loved and cared for one another.   I was amazed at how much Tommy resembled his father, and how much the girls  came to resemble their mother.  Ruth is an absolute doll!

Being an Italian family, of course there was home-made pasta, and lots of it.

Thank you Lexa for inviting me.