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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Susie and Andrew

Yesterday I assisted a couple with their engagement photos, and it was a wonderful experience.  The weather was great (other than being too hot),  we had the photo session mapped out,  and the couple were in tune with one another.  The right combination for some really great shots!  I'm attaching some photos that I really like.  When I was reviewing the photos.   I was really struck with how this couple interacted with one another, very little direction was required (a photographers dream!).  Susie and Andrew both have engaging personalities and were wonderful to work with, and they both have amazing eyes!!

A large part of the day was spent on the MSU campus, can you tell that Andrew and Susie bleed green? 

(Is this politically correct Andrew?)

(much better!)

After MSU we took a few photos in downtown Lansing and had dinner.  During dinner I found out that we had a few things in common.  Susie and Andrew worked at Moores Park pool as lifeguards (that's where they met).  I spent a lot of my summers at Moores Park pool in my childhood.  Susie worked with one of my best friends.  Both Susie and I enjoy a nice cold Strong Bow on a hot day!!