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Monday, February 22, 2010

Okay ... I'm a photographer, NOT a web designer!! =)

Okay, I'll be the first admit that I know just enough to be really dangerous regarding web design.  To illustrate my point, I was able to singlehandedly make my existing website non-functional in less than five minutes .  I am currently having the site re-designed and decided not to fix the existing site until the new site is up and running.  I've had many requests to see examples of my work, and while I feel the photos on this blog will give you an idea of my abilities, couples who are making plans for their wedding would like to see actual wedding photos.  I've loaded a few wedding photos and will ask for your patience as we get the new site operational.  The new site will have many more photos and will have a booking calendar, a contact page, and a link to a new proofing site.  I'm excited about the proofing site, since it will allow my clients to choose their favorite photos on line as well as ordering them.  

Thank you for your patience!!